Vivid and pastel coloured highlights in hair is a perfect way to refresh your look without going too crazy. Stay with your natural colour and add some funky colourful hints. From carmine pink highlights on blondes to purple highlights on black hair – it’s all totally doable at home with our hair highlighting kit. Quick, easy and safe! 



You can experiment with almost any colour, just keep in mind that it should compliment your skin tone.

Fair skin: for cool skin tones try warmer shades such as rose gold, strawberry, baby pink and sunset orange. If you have warm undertones opt for pastel blues, silvermoon grey and peppermint greens.

Medium skin: for the skin with golden undertone the best choice will be all the trendy pastels such as lilac purple highlights, baby blue and candy floss pink. For the cool skin tone try vibrant colours: emerald green, electric blue, magenta and pastel fuchsia. For instance, blue highlights on brown hair may be not an obvious selection but still a very beautiful one.

Dark skin: for warm dark skin the best choice is bold hair colours! All the bright purples: from magenta and neon pink to deep purple and plum, as well as vivid blues and greens. Black hair with bright pink highlights is our favourite! If you have a cool undertone though you are the luckiest as you may go both warm colours and cool pastels.


Part 1: bleaching hair at home. If you aren’t a natural blonde you will have to lighten the strands first using our bleach hair products.

  • You will need a lightening powder, a developer, a brush and gloves.
  • Mix the bleach powder and developer together into the nice consistency to spread along your hair.
  • Wear the highlighting cap. For a few highlights pull the hair through every other hole, for a full head of highlights, pull the hair through every hole. Put a little talc powder in the cap before fitting, it helps to remove it
  • Otherwise, section the piece you would like to highlight
  • Start applying the bleach to the strands from the middle to bottom. Repeat the same with all other strands.
  • Wait for the bleach to come up (2 or 3 shades).
  • Rinse your hair and dry.

Alternatively, use our new “Blonde hair highlights for fine or chunky results” that will make your lightening process quick, safe and easy. It contains all the necessary tools for bleaching. Get 50% OFF this week!

Part 2: applying colour on highlighted strands. Always wear gloves as a colourful product is really difficult to remove from the skin. Read our recommendations on how to get the best pastel hair colour.

  • Apply the colour to the pieces using the brush or even with your hands. If you chose a thick section work it with your fingers to make sure the colour goes inside the hair.
  • Read the instruction for the timing. Usually, it takes up to 20-30 minutes to develop. The time also depends on the saturation of the colour you would like to achieve.
  • Rinse your hair and dry.
  • Your bright highlights for hair are now on!

If you are not sure about the colour, try our coloured sprays. They are great for temporary highlights or for testing a colour or style before you commit to chemicals.

 Useful advice

To maintain the colour use sulfate-free shampoo. Apply hair masks and thick conditioners to rehydrate your bleached strands. 

Be aware that products that contain the word cleansing” are likely to wash away your colour. 

However, it’s also a great option when you decide to get rid of it and try something new.