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To inspire and guide our customers to have a good and trusted experience with our unique range of hair colours.

To source and manufacture responsibly, being mindful of impact on society and plant.

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Hear It From Our Customers

After having dark pink hair for quite a while, I fancied a change and decided to take the plunge going brown. Its taken a couple of goes to cover it, only because there wasn’t quite enough dye to get a really good coverage on the first application. I love the results and even better its a vegan product, which is very important to me.

Michelle S.

I have always used Smart Beauty hair bleach on my hair . I keep coming back to this brand as it doesnt ruin my hair when I use it, unlike other store bleach, dry and stringy.I only left it on for half an hour as I didnt need it lifting very high as I was putting colour over it, but I know my hair would have been white if I had left it on for an hour.

Tara W.

I really love the pinks and the reds from Smart Beauty. It fades out to a really lovely pastel pink like candyfloss and just looks so pretty. Here I used Carmine Pink Semi Permanent colour on prelightened hair. The colour is a lovely dark pink almost red colour.  However even as it fades the colours it fades through are all just so beautiful.

Traceyanne H.