Say a sad farewell to one of our favourite products- Intense Red Highlights.



 Unfortunately, because of recent changes to the EU Cosmetic Directive, we have been forced to discontinue this fantastic product.



This doesn’t mean that any of the dyes used in our Intense Red Highlights were dangerous, but one of the dyes used simply has not been included in the latest round of EU legislation. The only other option we have would be to have this particular dye tested to EU requirements and I’m afraid that is outside our financial capabilities.



 With our innovative scientists we are looking for a dye that will achieve the same affect, conforms to our own standards of quality and hair care and satisfies the EU Cosmetic Directive as well. Unfortunately we have no idea how long that will take.



 What can you do instead?



 As an alternative, please use either Bleach-it or Total Blonde to lighten your hair, then apply Intense Red semi-permanent over the lightened sections of hair. We can also supply have Cameo Pink and Neon Pink Highlights as alternatives while stocks last.



 We are so sorry that we are unable to supply Vibrant Red Highlights any more and if the situation changes we will let you all know straight away.