With the celebrations coming up, it’s time to think about your Christmas and NYE party hair! The no-strings-attached hair colour ideas and glitters are your festival beauty must-haves. Especially when the party season is over and you have to go back to work. Whether it is to try the vivid colour you’ve been craving over the year or just add some sparkle, temporary hair products have got you covered!














Glitter Hair Spray







A little bit of fairy dust will make your look truly magical! Temporary Glitter sprays will add a festive shimmer for just a night and then will be washed out easily the next day. You can apply a thick layer of glitter to your parting or root area, spray to fishtail braids, apply on a ponytail or sprinkle all over your hair. You can also apply hair glitter on single strands to recreate a trendy tinsel hair.







Glitter Hair Spray







Gold Glitter Spray looks best on honey blonde, warm brunette, black and red hair. Silver Glitter Hair Spray goes with platinum blonde and cool dark hair colours. If you want something different, try the combination of Red and Silver Glitter that will work well on any hair colour and texture. You can also play around and use our glitter as a makeup – it’s totally safe for face and body.







For a cleaner application, cover your shoulders with a towel and apply the spray in your bathroom with another towel on the floor.














Temporary Pink Hair Colour







At this time of the year pink hair isn’t just for little girls and teenagers! From Suki Waterhouse to Bella Hadid, the grown-up Hollywood ladies just can’t get enough of pink. Only this time they favour temporary hair colour accents such as pink highlights.







Use Temporary Pink Hair Colour Spray to add a touch of carmine or bubblegum pink to your hair with no full-time commitment. Such sprays are easy to apply yourself and don’t contain bleach or peroxide so they won’t damage your hair.














Temporary Red Hair Colour Spray







What colour comes to your mind when you think of Christmas? It’s no doubt red. Santa, mulled wine, mistletoe berries and even Kate Middleton’s tartan skirt she wore to a Kensington Palace Christmas party – red is the most festive colour in December!







According to a beauty trendsetter online-magazine Refinery29, the hair colour trend of 2019 is red and especially red velvet which is the combination of red and violet. Try Red WineMulberry Red or Intense Red Temporary Hair Spray to create a trendy, festive and fun party look.







Red can be tricky to wash out from blonde or porous hair, so make a test first. Spray it on a strand and leave for 5 minutes. If colour washes out easily with water and shampoo, go ahead and experiment with your new red hue!