Our 2019 motto: hair colour is the new makeup! Changing your hair colour has never been easier – you can effortlessly transform your colour with bleach-free temporary dyes, lighten your hair dyes to try at home and apply the desired colour yourself or even improve your hair’s health with innovative metallic hair dye. The new year also brings fresh hair colours to try. We’ve summed it up so you can get ideas and experiment!



Pantone Coral Living colour 2019Pantone, the Institute of colour, has just announced colour of the year 2019. It’s Living Coral, a soft red hue with an orangy undertone that “encourages immersive, playful experiences”.

Pantone coral living hair colour

While Pantone mainly sets up the interior and clothing colour trends, it has an influence on hair colouring as well. Expect to see all shades of golden red on fashion influencers: from established vibrant red, metallic rose gold and strawberry blonde to new bright coral and peach hair tones. Do you prefer to be a trendsetter rather than a follower? Then Orange Sunset hair colour is your next do!



Metallic silver hair colourLuckily, the grey hair trend stays with us in 2019. We’ve already tried ice and frosty blonde, but this time the palette moves to smokey grey with lilac undertone called Metallic Silver.

Metallic silver hairGoing silver is easy if you are a natural blonde, but even those with darker hair can embrace this beautiful trend. You’ll just need to pre-lighten your hair before applying the colour. If you prefer saturated grey try Metallic Graphite hair colour.



Neon pink hair colour

As seen in LA salons, the neon pink is taking its turn again and will be an often colour request in 2019. The fashion comeback of vibrant pink was set by Cardi B and Kim Kardashian who were rocking the bright pink hair few times over this year.



Peppermint green hair colourThere were times when pink was the only vibrant hair colour we had the guts to try. Now, having a lot more freedom, people experiment more and try all shades of a rainbow. Last year green was seen on many famous girls, from Dua Lipa’s deep emerald green and Lena Dunham’s chunky green to blueish pastel green on Kitty Cash. Remember that time when Kim K coloured her hair Peppermint Green to match her Lamborghini? In 2019 we’ll be browsing those old pictures to copy the look!