Kim is a hair trendsetter famous for her beauty experiments that we all love to follow. She tried it all, from classy brunette shades and cute caramel highlights to more extreme looks like platinum blonde and cool grey. Last Sunday Kardashian West had another dramatic makeover and dyed her hair Candy Floss Pink leaving the roots undone for the modern grunge vibe. Definitely worth a try!  


Reality show star showed off her new stunning look on social media but the hair wasn’t the only surprise. She was spotted wearing pieces from the new Yeezy Season 7 collection – a brand founded by Kim’s husband Kanye West. Are these two involved in another guerrilla marketing campaign? Let us know what you think. 

Meanwhile, if you want to copy Kim’s pink hair we recommend going for Candy Floss Pink. Be aware that pastel colours will only sit perfectly if the hair is already bleached or you are a natural light blonde. In case you are more on a brunette or dark blonde side try Smart Hair Lightener. Before using the product read our advice on how to get the best pastel colour

Chris Appleton, Kim’s favourite colourist recommends lightening your hair in 2-3 sessions and give it some time before applying a pink hue. For Kim, this took 17 hours and that is why her hair looks perfectly healthy! Appleton also added that pastel colours require extra care and protection. It’s recommended to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, and wash the hair as little as possible. Kardashian’s hair stylist also noted that since the colour always looks brighter in a bottle, it’s good to paint it onto wax paper first. 

It looks like the pink hair isn’t going anywhere, and we love this brave new trend to the bones! It has been very popular among celebrities in the past few years. Kim’s younger sister Kylie, it-girl Hailey Baldwin, singer Nicki Minaj had also opted for pink shades recently. Now when Kim tried it too, it’s reasonable to expect the bubblegum colour to be a huge trend in 2018!