The arrival of a new season often inspires us to try a different look, and the easiest way is to change our permanent hair colours . That is why we are launching the new at-home permanent hair dye range of 8 beautiful colours! We believe that every woman with any hair type and texture should get the hair she deserves, and our new salon-inspired dye is aimed to reach this goal. Optimize

Meet the 8 unique shades that reflect hair colour trends 2019




We have been researching the trends and going through many reports on hair colour prediction. The blue-black, purple and copper have turned out to be the trendiest hair colours of 2019, so we’ve used those shades as a basis. Then, we modified them and made a moodier and darker version of it. While choosing a hair colour, it’s recommended to pick a shade that’s opposite to your skin undertone. So for example, if you have warm skin, then icy blonde and cool will look best on you. And if your skin is fair and cool, you may consider going caramel blonde or warm brown for the best results.


The pure black is a massive trend although in 2019 it was updated with the hint of blue. Get inspired by Lana Connor’s black hair colour with the inky undertone – it makes the hair look glossier as if it was a glass surface. The NYC-based colourist Stephanie Brown.

“The 2019 twist on inky black hair is rich and deep with a hint of blue,”

The cool brown shades such as Espresso Brown and wood brown, Vanessa Hudgens’ hair colour choices, are also in high demand this year:

“Wood is a brunette hue with hints of pale ash, maple or pine shades, which creates a raw dimension and elegant aesthetic” (source

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star, Abigail Cowen is rocking the trend of hair Deep Amber hair. It has become very popular after The Institute of Pantone had announced Living Coral to be.



Long-lasting hair dye

 1. It’s long-lasting

A permanent dye that lasts for up to 28 washes.

2. It covers grey hair

Silver hair is still among the biggest hair trends of 2019, but not everybody likes it. If you don’t want to embrace your natural colour, our permanent dye is what you need. It provides 100% grey coverage use our new dye to get a 100% grey coverage and give it a shinier, bouncier look.  



Cruelty-free vegan hair dye


3. It’s a cruelty-free hair dye

 We believe that beauty shouldn’t come at the cost of animal welfare. That’s why ALL Smart Beauty hair dyes including the 8 new colours, are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegans.



EU certified hair dye

4. It’s made in the EU

 Our hair dyes are produced and sourced from responsible suppliers in Italy and manufactured to EU standards.



Safe hair at-home dye

5. It’s safe for your hair

 We used the Neo-Active ingredients treatment that protects your hair bonds from the chemicals during colouration. As a result, you get conditioned and nourished hair with a brand new shiny colour. Hollywood Red, Velvet Red, Deep Amber and Rich plum are also PPD free.  

Want to give it a try but not sure about the colour?

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