There’s one day of the year during which you can look as crazy as you want, and it’s Halloween for sure. A creative costume and a bright makeup can transform you into a different person, but never underestimate the power of hair  and costumes! Sometimes, 90% of your costume can be done by simply changing your hair colour and we’re here to prove it! If you’re looking for the Halloween 2019 hair ideas you’re in the right place – see the most iconic hair looks inspired by your favourite pop-culture characters.


               ASHLEY O LILAC HAIR

Ashley O Miley Cyrus halloween costume 2019

Ashley O played by Miley Cyrus in Black Mirror is one of the most wanted costumes of Halloween 2019. Create this look by copying her signature lilac bob hair. All you need is to apply a semi-permanent Lilac Haze Pastel hair dye on your blonde or pre-lightened hair. The colour will last for just 4-5 shampoos, the exact time to cover all your Halloween parties.

Miley Cyrus lilac purple hair colour

If you have long hair you can try this look too! Just get a faux short bob: create a low ponytail using elastic, then loop the strands of hair up and secure the ends under the neck with a pin. Your lilac short bob is ready! Add a simple white cropped top and tiny glittery shorts, and you’re good to go!



Orange highlights temporary hair colour spray

While everyone is just copying Maddy and Rue makeup looks, you can get more creative and learn how to get Euphoria’s Jules rainbow hair for Halloween 2019.

Jules is a big fan of colourful hair highlights and pastels, she tries new colours almost every episode. Jules from Euphoria costume can be easily recreated by applying temporary red highlights or temporary blue hair colour.


Jules from Euphoria rainbow hair colourNo need for the use of tints, bleaches or peroxide when you choose to apply temporary hair colour. Simply spray a hair colour of your choice onto different strands, then wash out to try another colour, for example, temporary pink hair colour

Temporary pink hair colour

Of course, Jules is never 100% ready without makeup, so add bright eyeshadows and glitter stickers to your face and you’ll be the star of Halloween 2019!



Coachella music festival may be over, but it’s never too late to use its biggest fashion trend for Halloween 2019 – glitter roots. Spray gold glittersilver hair glitter or red glitter over the root section and enjoy your look until the first wash. Try the root glitter hair trend with space buns, braids or side hairstyle. Add a sparkle to your Halloween costume and shine bright!

Glitter hair spray for Halloween

Apart from making you look ultra-trendy, hair glitter can also solve another problem – cover up the grown out roots when you apply a lot of it. 

Glitter hair spray coachella festival


The easiest Billie Eilish Halloween costume to create is her blue hair and black tears look from “When the party’s over” music video. Apply a semi-permanent Electric Blue hair colour on your light hair and enjoy your Billie Eilish hair for 4-5 washes. Paint your tears with black eyeliner and wear any baggy white clothes and chunky silver jewellery, and you’re Halloween 2019 costume is competed.

Billie Eilish blue hair colour

While your blue hair colour is still fresh, try another look – just get the all-yellow outfit and become the “Bad guy”.

What’s for Billie and her plans, the star revealed that she might put on a Halloween mask so nobody could recognize her. Good luck with that Billie, but we think that fans could recognize her even from the back! What do you think?

Billie Eilish blue hair

Do you need more temporary hair ideas for Halloween 2019? Browse temporary hair products, from rainbow hairsprays to colorful glitter, and choose the one to match your Halloween costume.