Pastel hair has been big for many years, but the Metallic Hair trend hits Instagram and fashion community in 2018. From Ariana Grande and Amber Rose to Cara Delevingne and Paris Jackson – everyone tries metallics! Metallic hair colour is a subtle shimmering version of pastel hair dye. It reflects the light and brightens up your hair, giving a more sophisticated and glossy finish. 

Apart from unconventional looks, Smart Beauty metallic hair dyes are designed to care about your health as well. From now on our new products are enriched with the revolutionary Add-Plex treatment that prevents structural damage caused by colouring or bleaching, and as a result, makes your hair extra soft and silky. 




Smart Beauty Metallic Hair Dye is a long-lasting permanent colour. The collection includes four iconic shades: rose goldlilac, silver and graphite. Rose Gold is one of the most popular colours of the year beloved not only by millennials but also by fashionistas in their 40-s and 50s. Silver hair is a chic alternative to platinum blonde and looks especially gorgeous on short hair. Also, you may play with metallic silver highlights and apply it instead of boring blonde highlights. Ariana Grande’s favourite metallic lilac is an ultimate Disney princess colour that can work well with the full head colouring and as a balayage. All colours will give you a polished finish with a sparkly pastel shade. 



Metallic hair dye can be applied to a variety of textures, from straight to afro hair. However, to achieve a beautiful clear tone your hair should be blonde, very light or pre-lightened. Brunettes can try our metallic collection too, just lighten your hair with Smart Beauty Bleach-it Hair Lightener. If you need an advice on how to bleach your hair safely and keep it healthy, click on this tutorial



Some of our customers would like to experiment with colours more often but are afraid of the damage a dye can cause. That is why we created our new products using Nio-Active ingredients. It’s a brand new technology that helps to prevent chemical damage and strengthen your hair structure.

During normal colouration or bleaching process, our hair dries up, becomes fragile and breaks a lot easier. The nio-active formulation added to our metallic range penetrates deep into the hair and hydrates it. So you get a very soft, smooth and moisturised hair with a beautiful pastel metallic hair colour.

Give it a try and you will see a difference!