Hair Strand Test

To test the shade result and check the development time of the Smart Blonde or Bleach it.

You must carry out a strand test prior to lightening your hair as results may vary

• Cut a small amount of hair from an area which is hidden and tie one end securely with a piece of cotton or a piece of sticky tape

• Place the test strands onto a piece of kitchen foil or cling film

• Make a note of the start time, use the application brush provided to apply a small amount of the mixed Smart Lightening Cream onto the strands of hair, ensuring sufficient coverage

• Keeping the test strands straight, fold the tin foil in half to create a pocket around the hair

• After 20 minutes scrape the Smart Lightening Cream from the strands to check the shade and personal development time. If it has not yet developed, re-apply the Smart Lightening Cream to the hair and check every 10 minutes until your desired shade is achieved DO NOT EXCEED 60 MINUTES

• Once you have reached your desired shade or the maximum time of 60 minutes has been reached, note the time and rinse the strands until the water runs clear

• Heat the strands with hairdryer until completely dry

• Clean the application brush, non metallic mixing bowl and your protective gloves in cool running water.

• If you are happy with the colour result, proceed to Test 3