How do you dye your hair to be purple like Katy Perry’s? Her hair went a rich shade of this amazing colour a few days ago, matching the packaging of her new perfume ‘Mad Potion.’ Smart Beauty thought that Katy Perry really suited this bright and bold colour, what do you think? Are you wondering how you can get this look? Read on to find out.KATTY

If you love this bright purple colour as much as we do, we can help you recreate this look for yourself in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is decide what kind of dye you want to use on your hair – Semi-Permanent or Permanent? Pastel or vibrant? The colour is most like our Lilac Haze – one of our popular pastel shades. Or do you dare to go deeper with our Pure Purple vibrant colour?

The purple hair dye gets the best results if you have blonde or lighter hair. But don’t worry if you don’t have blonde hair, you can still go purple. All you need to do is pre-lighten or bleach your hair by using our Smart Beauty Bleach-it kit. Remember that you can’t just put the dye all over your hair, you will need to separate your hair into four sections, as shown in the photo below, so you can achieve an even coverage, avoiding ending up with patches of dyed and non-dyed hair.

Purple is a fabulous colour but if you want it to really zing, you have to be aware that it will need maintaining and topping up. Once you’ve decided that the Katy Perry look is perfect for you, head on over to your nearest Savers or Superdrug stores or check out our website to purchase your purple dye.